For We Walk By Faith Not By Sight

II Corinthians 5:7

COVID-19 News

May 20, 2020

Dear Faith Family,

This letter is in regards to the reopening of our Faith Sanctuary. Our reopening will begin on Sunday morning with weekly Worship Service at 11 am, Sunday Evening Worship at 7 pm, and Wednesday Worship at 7 pm. These will be our only in house services during stage 1 of our reopening. This is to be respectful of suggested guidelines and considering the amount of cleaning required in between uses of our facility. By starting with limited in house services that are in isolated areas, we will be able to maintain the suggested cleaning guidelines recommended.

We will not be offering Nursery or Children’s Church during Stage 1 of our reopening. GIFA is already meeting stringent cleaning requirements in the back, and we don’t want to compromise their efforts. Feel free to bring a coloring book and crayons to occupy your little one and know that all in attendance will understand any disturbances.

We also will not be singing as a choir but instead will participate in worship as a congregation. We have plans to join as a choir
again soon as time reveals that social distancing is unnecessary. Unfortunately, we have seen evidence of several
churches who have reopened and had to shut back down due to active cases of COVID-19 within the congregation. We don’t want this to happen at Faith and intend on trusting the Lord for His protection while taking diligent precautionary measures.

During Stage 1 of our reopening, we will continue to have Adult Sunday School online at 9 am and Teen Sunday School online at 9 am. This should allow your family time to enjoy Sunday school online and still have time to join us at Faith for Worship Service if you would like.

If you choose to attend services at Faith, we ask that you respectfully adhere to these safety guidelines and suggestions we have listed on our website, Facebook, and via email.

Safety Guidelines & Suggestions for Services at Faith Baptist Church:

For those who prefer to stay at home, our services will continue to be available online.

We ask that anyone who has come in contact with or is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 remain at home and self-quarantine.

Please enter Faith through the double glass doors and have your temperature taken before entering the Sanctuary. Anyone who does not have a normal temperature will be asked to watch services from home.

We suggest that those who are considered to be high risk due to age or health conditions stay home and enjoy services online.

We will be performing stringent cleaning procedures before each Sunday and Wednesday Services.

If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, please feel free to do so.

Entrance doors will be open to prevent touching of door handles.

Please do not participate in handshaking or close contact with others.

Hand sanitizer will be available in the foyer.

We ask that you bring your own personal Bible and not to use the pew Bibles. This is to prevent the spreading of germs. Songs
will be on the screen.

We will have offering plates at the back of the Sanctuary. You may place your offering in them as you exit. There will be mounted offering boxes in the foyer to leave your tithes and offerings in the weeks ahead.

We ask that families sit together for services.

We ask that you please limit yourself to the Sanctuary, Foyer, and Foyer Bathrooms.

I understand that some of these things may seem silly. Please know that keeping the flock safe is of the utmost importance to
the other leaders and myself at Faith. I surely never imagined pastoring through a global pandemic and have spent much time in prayer regarding the right decisions. I know there will be those who agree with the choices and those who don’t. I completely understand. We at Faith ask that whatever your stance maybe, that you respectfully abide by these Safety Guidelines and Suggestions for the safety of your fellow brothers and sisters. We have faith that this won’t last much longer, and we will soon be back to normal!

Love you all and can’t wait to see you back in the house of our Lord!

In Christ,

Pastor Chad Nall


 August 26, 2020


Dear Faith Family,


We want to thank everyone who participated in the recent survey. The survey results were beneficial in making decisions regarding upcoming measures that we will be taking at Faith Baptist Church.

These survey results and other data and concerns were presented to a panel of FBC members last night. This panel included Pastors, Deacons, FBC leaders and volunteers, a diverse age range, parents, and non-parents, male and female. We felt that it was essential to get input from a variety of people.

The panel voted to implement some changes regarding the operations at Faith Baptist Church. Those changes include the following:

Faith will provide an additional Sunday Worship Service requiring ALL in attendance to wear a mask and participate in social distancing. This service will begin Sunday, August 30th, at 8:30 am and will allow those who prefer masks to be a part of a Sunday morning Worship Service.

Faith will continue to offer Sunday 11 am Worship, Sunday 7 pm Worship and Youth Service, and Wednesday 7 pm Bible Study and Youth Fellowship as usual. The only changes to these services will be pew social distancing. We will continue implementing current guidelines. Masks are recommended but not required.

All Services will require pew social distancing. Pews will be marked. This is to protect our senior citizens and immunocompromised members in attendance.

We ask that at all services, you refrain from shaking hands and hugging. We know this is not easy, as we are accustomed to showing others that we care. This is to protect you and to allow others to feel comfortable attending. When conversing with one another, please stand a safe distance apart out of respect and the safety of all in attendance.

We will continue to make hand sanitizer and mask available and preform temperature checks. To prevent overcrowding in the foyer, please arrive in time to have your temperature taken and be courteous with social distancing.

You will be receiving more information regarding the new measures taken as we approach September 13th and the re-opening of Sunday School and all Children’s Ministries.

Please note that these measures not only are to protect those in attendance at Faith Baptist Church but will aid in allowing us to continue providing services. We ask that everyone is respectful of these guidelines and will honor this request.

Thank you for your continued support and prayer in this time of uncertainty. We serve a God that is not surprised by our circumstances and is available to help in these times.

God Bless,

Rev. Chad Nall

Senior Pastor

Faith Baptist Church