For We Walk By Faith Not By Sight

II Corinthians 5:7

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 06:58:59 AM (UTC)
 Carol Wright

My sister in law is suffering from cancer. She and my brother have 4 children ages 5yrs youngest oldest being 9 . The children were initially in foster care with my brother and sister in law and after fostering then they found it in their hearts to adopt all four since they were siblings. Shortly after the fostering began my sister in law was diagnoised with colon cancer. After chemo she was heal by the Holy Blood of Jesus. However, shortly after that she again had an outbreak of cancer and again God saw fit to heal her body of the cancer. She was in remission for awhile and we are all so thankful for those healings. However, recenly she was told that the cancer has again returned and is now in her spine and chest cavity also in her lymph nodes. She has since lost the use of her right hand and is presently having vision problems as well as balance and mental confusion. She goes today 4/21/16 for a CAT to determine if the cancer has moved to her brain. I am requesting prayer for her and her husband and children. She is a christian and has been for many years. She has such a testimony of her healing and faith that God will again see fit to heal her body. Please please pray that God's will will be done and that her husband and family will be strengthened during this difficult time in their lifes. I also pray that she will be heal if it is God's will and if not that she will not suffer any longer with this dreadful disease. We were in attendance the past two nights at revival at your church and enjoyed the sermons so much as well as the music. I could definately feel God and Holy Spirit working inside that place. Thank you so much for your prayers for my family. Carol